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Sue Plaster, 
Principal Consultant
Sue Plaster has been leading and consulting in the diversity arena for more than a decade, and her work in intercultural communications spans more than 30 years. She led the Office of Diversity for a 22,000-employee health system with hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, pharmacies, etc.  Sue pioneered Diversity Mentoring Circles and delivered direct diversity education to more than 1,000 employees annually. 

Under her direction, "Benefit Tutors" helped win for her employer the Best Large Hospital Association Award from the Minnesota Hospital Association.  Her writing was featured in the FRONTIERS magazine of the Amercan College of Healthcare Executives. Sue also held worldwide communications and human resources leadership positions for Honeywell Inc. and for Guidant, a unit of Boston Scientific.

Sue's master's degree in education (M.Ed.) from the University of Minnesota is focused on leadership development. Her undergraduate degree in English, Speech and Education is from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

About Our Work In Diversity and Equity
Honoring human diversity  . . . and teaching the skills for us to work and live more productively 
while acknowledging those differences.
As experts in diversity and equity, we work with individuals and organizations to address everyday issues. We help with business opportunities that hinge on understanding and bridging differences 

Organizations use our services to:
1) Conduct diversity education to meet needs of their unique workplace and community settings. 
2) Facilitate small and large groups with differences of all kinds -- generation, gender, physical ability, ethnicity, spirituality, language or accent, communications style . . . and many more. 
3) Evaluate workplace climate or conflict where diversity skills are a key element in moving forward.
4) Identify and the sometimes unspoken meet needs of new or prospective customers.
5) Reach out to talented employees who could contribute even more - once they know they are valued and can learn and grow at work.

The issues and opportunities of differences bring organizational clients to us. We measure our resutls in participant and leadership feedback as well as direct business impact. 

Individuals ask for our help when:
1) Leaders want to strengthen their understanding and skills in leading across diversity. 
2) Employees want to design a career path that better fits their talents and interests. 
3) Talented employees want to grow but wonder if an aspect of diversity is getting in their way.
3) Individuals want to give more to the Minnesota workplace . . . but need help finding the right employer and the right position where they can give their all.